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Can LTO Cartridges be degaussed?

Degaussers have been used for many years to erase magnetic tape, such as 9-track and 3480. Can degaussers also be used to erase LTO and 3592 media?
Although it may be possible in some instances to degauss your LTO tapes, take a moment to consider the implications and dangers.
Degaussing destroys the tapes.
LTO and 3592 tapes contain magnetically recorded servo tracks. Without these servo tracks the tapes cannot be used. Degaussing erases the servo tracks and the tapes are permanently unusable.
Your degausser may not work with LTO tapes.
The force required to change the magnetization of tapes is much higher for LTO tapes than it is for previous tape technologies, and it is increasing for each LTO generation. The strength of the magnetic field of many degaussers is by far too low to securely erase the data.
Degausser require high strength magnetic field.
Degaussers work from a distance from the tape and attempt to erase tape that is in a tightly wound spool. This requires a very high strength magnetic field.
Danger to pacemakers.
The high intensity of the magnetic field from degaussers can damage pacemakers and other medical devices. Before using a high intensity degausser make sure that you don't cause any harm.
You may want to post a warning sign, such as the sign on the left, before starting to degauss tapes.