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Full Length Overwrite
A 1% "solution"

LTO tapes are written in a serpentine manner. Depending on the LTO generation , the tape moves between 44 times (LTO 3) and 136 times (LTO 6) between the beginning of tape to the end of tape and each time writes one "wrap*", in alternating directions. A "full length overwrite" overwrites ONE of these wraps, which is between 2.3% (LTO 3) and 0.7% (LTO 6) of the data. The remainder of your data are still on tape, unchanged, untouched, and retrievable.
* A wrap consists of 8 data tracks (LTO1 and LTO2) and 16 tracks (LTO3 - LTO6).

The blue wraps are written in forward direction from Begin Of Tape (BOT) to the End Of Tape (EOT), and the red wraps are written in backward direction.

Overwriting all data on tape takes a long time and is therefore expensive. The "solution" to this problem seems to be to just overwrite a small amount of the data and call it something that may sound like all data have been overwritten.

Our erasing process eradicates all wraps while moving the tape one time from BOT to EOT. Erasing a tape is economical and it is the 100% solution.