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Tape Eraser

Securely Erasing all Data on your Cartridge
LTO 1-9, 3592, 9X40

Many companies would gladly redeploy tape cartridges within their organization if the data were completely and securely removed before the cartridges are moved. Erasing equipment developed by MP Tapes is the only equipment available that removes all data (more about this) and allows on-site data eradication.

LTO Eraser

The expensive and environmentally unsound method of disposing of unwanted cartridges is to shred and dump them into landfills. Redeploying erased tape is the cost-effective and green alternative.

We specialize in eradicating data from tape that contain magnetically recorded servo information, such as LTO and 3592. Degaussing (balk erasing) these tapes destroys the servo bands and makes the tapes unusable. Our equipment removes all data while preserving the vital servo information.

Updated: Report of LTO tape reliability based on performance records of over 1 million used cartridges. Reliability Report.

Automated Degausser

Automated Degaussing - The most secure data destruction

Until now degaussing tapes has been a manual process that had all the usual problems of manual processes.
Our LTO and 3592 degausser can be easily integrated into a library and degaussing becomes an automated process.
Your obsolete cartridges that still hold confidential information can stay in your custody until they are completely demagnetized.
Your cartridges don't have be moved from their library before degaussing.

LTO Eraser
Automated Degausser
Tape Cleaner

Cleaning your tapes

The missing piece of a clean data center

All LTO and 3592 media manufacturers offer cleaning cartridges that clean the tape drives. But in many cases the tape cartridges are the carrier of contamination. Drives collect debris on components that are in contact with the tape. This collected debris can be transferred from tape path elements to tapes that so far were free of debris.

Tape Cleaner

Tapes that carry debris may be loaded into drives that were initially free from contamination, and this process can contaminate the drive.

Systems such as tape libraries, are vulnerable to even small amounts of contamination as they can infect and then spread throughout the entire system.

Our tape cleaning technology can keep harmful contamination out of your data center. This technology is used by library manufacturers to clean tapes before they are imported into a library.


Discovering the Quality of your Data Cartridge

Do you know the quality of your data cartridge? Your cartridge does.

All LTO and 3592 Cartridges have an internal memory chip called Cartridge Memory (CM). This chip contains the complete history of the cartridge. Based on this information VeriTape® calculates a reliability score that has become the industry standard.


Most systems identify defective cartridges after they fail. These cartridge failures can be disruptive and expensive. But with VeriTape® you can monitor any cartridge and retire aging or damaged ones before they fail, not afterwards.

NEW Support for LTO 9
The CM size doubled with LTO9 and your VeriTape® scanner may require a hardware update.
Check the status of your scanner.
Trade-in your obsolete Imation scanner.
MP Tapes accepts your obsolete Imation scanner as a trade-in for a new VeriTape® scanner.
Tape Labels

Labeling your tapes

Tapes that are labeled are ready for immediate use. Most operating systems require blank tapes to be 'initialized' before their first use.

Depending upon the specific label format, the initialization consists of writing a few short records and a few tape marks at the beginning of tape.

Tape Cleaner

Our erasing equipment supports all label formats that are available when purchasing new tapes.

21 Track Reader

21 Track Reader

"Reading yesterday's 21 track tapes with today's technology"

Many 21-track one inch wide tapes that were written several decades ago still contain valuable data.

Our new 21-track reader was developed to read these older and in many cases deteriorated tapes.

By using modern digital signal processing technologies our reader succeeds in recovering data even from severely deteriorated tapes.


Ulysses - Disk in a tape cartridge

A joint development of MPTapes, Inc. and Imation Corp. (imation)

The Ulysses System consists of a SATA 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) embedded in a tape cartridge housing. Ulysses emulates a variety of popular tape drives, including 3592, 9840, LTO, DLT, 3480. Your current tape drive software will work with Ulysses without modification.

Since Ulysses is disk based it avoids problems common to tape drives. The disk is sealed and contamination of the head and media are prevented. Complex tape threading operations are not necessary and you will never have to deal with load failures.

Ulysses: The reliability and speed of disk combined with the convenience of tape.

Legacy Products

Legacy Products

We are excited about our new products, but we are not abandoning our legacy products. We will still repair your tape drive, even if it has been over 10 years since your purchase.