Veritape® 2.0 software is now also analyzing the tape drives in addition to the cartridges

One of the most misleading messages is the “media error” message on a LTO drive. The message simply means that the drive encountered an error condition from which it cannot recover.

It may be due to defective media, but this is only one of many error possibilities and is actually quite an unlikely one. A “media error” message usually means that the drive needs maintenance, and most likely there is actually no problem with the cartridge.

According to media vendors as many as 90% of perfectly good cartridges are being returned.

Differentiating between drive and media problems is a well-known problem.

The new release of the Veritape® software solves this problem.

In addition to rating the cartridges, the drives are also rated on the same scale. Drives that require maintenance are easily detected.

Now you can have your tape drives serviced before they generate those confusing or misleading messages.