SiteScoreTM for cartridges and drives with eritape®

  • The SiteScoreTM is a single number that indicates the overall quality of a group of cartridges. Comparing the quality of one group of cartridges to another is as simple as comparing their SiteScoreTM numbers, no matter how many cartridges are in a group.
  • SiteScoreTM is similar to VeriScoreTM. It ranges from 0 to 100. A score of 0 is bad; a score of 100 is good.

  • The SiteScoreTM is a composite number of the arithmetic average of the VeriScore numbers and their standard deviations.     more

  • The SiteScoreTM of the cartridges is displayed in the "Overview" screen below the cartridge scores.

  • The SiteScoreTM of the drives is displayed in the "Overview" screen below the drive scores.
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