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VeriTape® identifies recertified and refurbished cartridges.

Reputable resellers of used tape donít claim that their tapes are new. On the contrary, giving the buyer accurate and comprehensive information about the quality of the used tapes is important to all responsible resellers.

In cooperation with the top rated resellers we developed a tracking feature for recertified tapes.

During the erasing process a record is entered into the CM, containing detailed information of the cartridge at the time of the erasure and of the erasing process.

VeriTape authenticates that record and displays the information.

The "Erase Info" (below the yellow field showing the VeriScore® number) shows that the cartridge was erased and initialized.

The "Basic Info." tab shows additional details of the erased cartridge.

The "Cartridge Erasure Information" on the right side of the above screen shows:
The Status: "Erased" and "Initialized". The erasing process removes all data from the tape. The initialization process writes an End of Data Mark (EOD) at the beginning of the tape. The tape is ready to be used.
The OEM ID identifying the company that erased the tape.
The Eraser serial number, which identifies the equipment that erased the tape.
The tape "Edge quality" number. During the erase process the quality of the tape's reference edge is measured. Tapes with deteriorating edges may still work without showing errors, but bad edge quality is a sign of trouble ahead.[ more]
The time stamp showing the date and time when the cartridge was erased.
The initialzer S/N that identifies the tape drive that first wrote to the erased tape.
The mount number showing the number of times the tape had been loaded at the time it was erased.
The VeriScore® number of the tape quality at the time of the erasure. Note that this number can be different from the current VeriScore® number.
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